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Netflix’s ‘The Glory’ Director Admits Guilt Amid Bullying Scandal

On March 12, his lawyer issued a statement on the allegations

Ahn Gil Ho, production manager of Glory from Netflix admits to bullying others in high school. The allegations first came out on March 10, after which the director initially refused to accept blame.

According to the accuser, they were in middle school in the Philippines while Ahn Gil Ho was in high school. After teasing his girlfriend who was also in middle school, he brought the group in and assaulted them.

On March 12, his attorney issued a statement on the allegations, “I am Attorney Kim Mun Hui from JIPYONG Law Firm representing Director Ahn Gil Ho. We ask for your understanding as there has been a slight delay. between the initial report and the announcement of our position.

Director Ahn Gil Ho had a girlfriend he started dating back then while studying abroad in the Philippines in 1996, and when he heard his girlfriend was teased at school because of him, he momentarily got emotional and gave another person an unforgettable moment. hurt.

[Director Ahn Gil Ho] asks forgiveness from the bottom of his heart to those who have been hurt by this incident. If he had the chance, he would like the meeting in person, or at least a contact by telephone, to convey his apologies.

[Director Ahn Gil Ho] apologizes for causing controversy over an unfortunate incident.

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