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Netflix ‘Wednesday’ Star Jenna Ortega Called Out By ‘Daredevil’ Producer: Here’s Why

Netflix ‘Wednesday’ Star Jenna Ortega Called Out By ‘Daredevil’ Producer: Here’s Why

netflix Wednesday Star Jenna Ortega has come under fire from Hollywood producer and filmmaker Steven DeKnight after her recent confession.

DeKnight, 58, took to Twitter to condemn Ortega’s behavior, which she showcased during her appearance on Dax Shepard’s podcast Chair specialist.

In this podcast, Ortega admitted that she changed the lines of the script and became almost “unprofessional” on the set of Wednesday.

DeKnight, who has directed hit shows like daredevil And buffy the vampire slayerexplained that while he enjoys “talking with actors about their lines/stories”, sometimes the stars “don’t have the full footage (on TV) of where the story takes place and why certain lines are necessary for the whole to make sense.”

He also blamed Ortega’s age for her actions, but said she “should” be aware of how things work.

The actress who also played Ellie in a hit psychological drama You shared that she put her “foot down” on the set of Wednesday, to the point of being “unprofessional” for the sake of her Addams family character, of which she was “very protective”.

She also said that her character being in a “love triangle” made “no sense”, and she repeatedly told the writers “No” to plot points – even sometimes “changing lines” herself in the scenario.

However, Wednesday was a huge hit for Netflix, despite Ortega’s behavior, as it topped the charts.

The series also became the second highest-grossing English-language show of all time, having been watched for 1.02 billion hours in three weeks, since its debut on November 16, 2022.

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