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Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ Creators Leave Fans ‘Traumatized’ With Major Season 5 Hint

Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ Creators Leave Fans ‘Traumatized’ With Major Season 5 Hint

netflix stranger things the creators left fans “traumatized” after dropping intense hints from the show’s fifth and final season.

Season 4 of Netflix’s hit series concluded with a major cliffhanger with Eleven played by Millie Bobby Brown, Will Byers played by Noah Schnapp and their friends dealing with the aftermath of the destruction caused by Vecna ​​played by Jamie Campbell Bower in Hawkins.

Sci-fi series creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, also known as the Duffer Brothers, were careful not to give away too much of the story, however, a huge clue has just been revealed.

On Tuesday, March 21, the official Twitter account of the stranger things the writers shared a tweet that read “Season 5 is like seasons 1 and 4 had a baby. And then that baby got injected with steroids.”

After that tweet, many fans admitted they already felt “traumatized” about the juicy treat, tweeting, “I’m so worried.”

“Am I supposed to feel good after hearing this,” someone else wrote, while another remarked, “Okay what I hear is Will Byers gets get the screen time he deserves again, but it’s even more traumatic.”

Meanwhile, one fan wondered if it could mean the opposite for Will’s story, writing, “I don’t really know what to make of this but I’m praying it doesn’t mean Will won’t have EVEN more screen time……”

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