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Netflix ‘did millions’ to ‘get the gossip, the dirt, the tea’


Prince Harry has urged people to realize that Netflix has only ‘paid millions’ to ‘get the gossip, the dirt, the tea’ out of the Royal Family because they have board members to keep them happy.

Royal commentator and journalist Daniela Elser issued these warnings.

According to New Zealand Herald, “Harry did not have to bring the Palace or his relatives into this legal action, not in the least.”

“The case can be put forward, if you’re feeling a bit generous, that he may have had to take a few shots at the Royal Family in his Netflix series and Meghan and his memoir Spare to keep their paymasters happy.”

“Let’s be honest here. These huge entertainment companies have shareholders to answer to and boards of directors to respect.

“They only shelled out millions to the royal family with no wallets so they could get the gossip, the dirt, the tea, whatever you want to call it. They wanted juicy bits that would encourage audiences to click, subscribe, and buy. »

“But this court case is a whole different kettle of angling fish. Harry could have continued his action against the publisher without pillorying the Palace for about the 87th time.”

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