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Netflix Calls ‘Squid Game’ Show ‘Serious Wounds’: Fake News

Netflix Calls ‘Squid Game’ Show ‘Serious Wounds’: Fake News

Netflix has vehemently denied any serious injuries on the set of a new squid game reality show.

The turmoil erupted after reports from several people were extended in the unscripted and documentary series Squid game: the challenge, which will have 456 contestants competing for a huge cash prize.

According to Suna contestant has come forward claiming that several people in the first game, called Red Light, Green Light, needed medical attention due to freezing temperatures in the studio.

The reality show is currently filming at Cardington Studios in the UK.

“Even though the hypothermia kicked in, people were prepared to stay as long as possible because a lot of money was at stake,” the anonymous contestant told The Sun. “Too many of them were determined not to move, so they stayed there too long.

“There were people who came in thinking they were going to be millionaires, but they left in tears.”

The game Red Light, Green Light asks participants to sprint over a green light and remain completely silent when the light turns red.

“It was like a war zone,” adding, “People were being transported by doctors, but we couldn’t say anything. If you talk, then you’re out… You could hear someone shouting “doctor”, and the crew was rushing. We ended up standing for 30 minutes between takes. Some were crawling at the end. At least one was carried out on a stretcher.

However, Netflix confirmed that three people had been treated for “mild medical issues”.

The streamer’s spokesperson said medical personnel were on set and had “invested in all appropriate safety procedures.”

“Although it was very cold on set – and the participants were prepared for it – any serious injury claims are false,” they said.

squid game was Netflix’s most-watched show of 2021 and was hailed for gaining 4.4 million new subscribers in the streamer’s subscriber base globally.

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