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Nancy Meyers informs fans of “Paris Paramount”

Nancy Meyers informs fans of “Paris Paramount”

Nancy Meyers new romantic comedy Paramount Paris which is expected to star Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, Owen Wilson and Michael Fassbender, has been dropped by Netflix following unsuccessful negotiations.

The film Paramount Paris is offered to other studios, with Warner Bros. allegedly involved.

Meyers made myriad hits for decades, directing films like “What Women Want,” “It’s Complicated,” and “Something’s Gotta Give.”

Meyers took to her personal Instagram account on Saturday afternoon to give fans a vague update on the film.

“There’s been a lot of writing about my new movie,” Meyers wrote in the post’s caption. “Here’s one thing I can easily clear up – and that’s the title – ‘Paris Paramount.’ Ernst Lubitsch. The movie is about a group of people making a movie and the magic and mystery of what we do. As always, Lubitsch said it best.

The new film would tell the story of a love story between two movie actors. Meyers received an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay for Private Benjamin (1980) starring Charles Shyer and Harvey Miller.

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