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“My heart and my lungs stopped several times”


Penn Badgley has opened up about his condition as a child and how it changed him as a person.

On January 20, Penn Badgley made an appearance on the final episode of HypochondriActor⁠ — the Hazy Mills podcast hosted by Sean Hayes and comedian and doctor Dr Priyanka Wali.

According to People, Badgley revealed he was “two months premature” and explained that he “learned a lot about prenatal and postpartum things” after realizing “how much it affected me”.

Badgley, 36, said: “The first year of my life, well, for the first two weeks I was in an intensive care unit, because my heart and my lungs would stop repeatedly throughout. day, so I was on my heart monitor.”

The You The star told the hosts that her mother had to learn “how to resuscitate me, like viscerally”, given that the act had already been done “by doctors for the first two weeks” of her life.

“[She had to do it] several times a day because my heart and lungs were stopping,” he continued. “And I was on a monitor that was beeping really loudly.”

Badgely also shared that due to the heart monitor reviving him with just a human touch, “I’m extremely sensitive to touch.”

The actor also noted that he was “a very spiritual person” and he believes this stems “from the fact that I was more or less flat several times a day during the first year”.

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