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Minhyuk of K-pop group Monsta X announces military enlistment

The letter was written on the band’s fan cafe

K-pop group Monsta X’s Minhyuk confirmed his enlistment in the military on March 13 through a letter to his fans. The letter was written on the band’s fan cafe and explained that his enlistment is scheduled for April.

“Hello, it’s Minhyuk!

I feel like our Monbebe (MONSTA X fan club) entered this already sad post after seeing the words “this is Minhyuk”, so I feel sorry.

On April 4th, for my national duty, I will not be able to see you all often for a very short period of time.

I have to come to the fan cafe and write messages, promote, upload photos, let you know when I’m done training, bubble live (broadcasts) and do all the things that Monbebe often likes, but doesn’t not being able to do that a little is what hurts my heart the most. On top of that, I plan to go there with a happy heart!

I will use this upcoming period as a time to make myself stronger and become a cooler Minhyuk. I’m already thrilled to receive the even bigger love from Monbebe haha.

Also, I’m not going far so don’t be too sad. I think Monbebe will be very sad but I hope you are not!

Thank you for always giving me so much love, who is just an ordinary person. I feel like I can’t repay well no matter what I do, so I’m also sorry.

During the time when we can’t see each other, I will be mentally and physically healthy and come back after becoming a cool person.

Monbebe, I love you so, so much, thank you, and see you next year smiling!

I come back soon!!


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