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Miley Cyrus Thanks Fans For Creating Most Streamed Song ‘Flowers’ On Spotify

Miley Cyrus Thanks Fans For Creating Most Streamed Song ‘Flowers’ On Spotify

Miley Cyrus celebrates the massive success of her new diss track flowers after the song broke records for the most streams in a single week on Spotify.

On Friday, the streaming service announced that flowers had become the most streamed song in seven days in Spotify’s history.

Miley Cyrus thanks fans for creating the song

Cyrus’ latest track has over 100 million streams on the platform, dethroning BTS Butterwhich set a record of 99.37 million Spotify streams.

Cyrus took to his social media accounts and thanked fans for covering the song with love and praise. The superstar on her Instagram and Twitter stories shared, “Thank you so much @Spotify and my amazing fans,” using a red heart icon to express her gratitude for all the support.

Flowers’ album, Endless Summer Vacation, will be released on March 10.

Cyrus’ latest song has grabbed headlines as the track features several ‘digs’ to Cyrus’ ex-husband, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

Cyrus fans noticed the brutal dig as the song was scheduled to be released on January 13, 2023, which was also Liam’s 33rd birthday.

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