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Miley Cyrus ready to ‘tell her side of the story’ as she emerges from divorce from Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus ready to ‘tell her side of the story’ as she emerges from divorce from Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is ready to “tell her side of the story” as she blossoms after moving on from her “toxic” marriage and divorce from ex Liam Hemsworth.

THE wrecking ball hitmaker is the ‘happiest’ and ‘healthiest’ she ‘has been in a long time’ since her title split with the Hunger Games star, a source says People’s Magazine.

“Everyone was blaming her for the divorce and calling her that wild child, but that wasn’t fair,” the insider added. “Their relationship and their marriage were toxic, and she was heartbroken.”

In his new song titled muddy feet, the singer’s fans think she’s throwing shade at Hemsworth, however, the insider noted that Cyrus “isn’t trying to hit him.”

“She’s not trying to hit Liam, but she feels like she has every right to own the narrative after everyone broke her up after the breakup,” the insider said.

The source added that Cyrus finally feels ready to “tell her side of the story” after “having had time to process and heal” from the split.

Hemsworth and Cyrus split in 2019 after a decade-long romance and nearly a year of marriage. The divorce of the ex-lovers was finalized in 2020.

At the time, some insiders close to Cyrus alleged that she didn’t want to end their marriage and was willing to do anything to get back together with Hemsworth.

As for her current love life, the insider said Cyrus adores her boyfriend Max Morando’s “low-key” lifestyle. “He has no interest in being a big celebrity; he’s very low key. Miley adores those qualities,” the insider said.

“Miley can be herself. They support each other in their careers. Miley is enjoying life and everything is fine,” the source added.

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