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Michelle Yeoh Becomes the First Asian Nominated for Best Actress at the Oscars: ‘About About Time’


Michelle Yeoh is making history for being the first Asian to earn a Best Actress Oscar nomination. The good news was revealed on Tuesday morning January 24.

Ross King interviewed Michelle Yeoh at the BAFTA tea party in Los Angeles, about her nomination.

According to daily mail, them last christmas The star said: “It’s overwhelming and you’re like thank you to see us, to see people who look like me, so it was about time.”

The news comes after the 60-year-old actress became the first Malaysian to win a Golden Globe.

Following the “Golden” news, Michelle said Deadline, “I think what that means to me is all those Asians out there are like, ‘See, it’s possible. If she can do it, I can very well do it too. That’s the most important thing.”

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