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Memories of school, home, friend, Anushka Sharma’s childhood was spent here, shared video and showed everything


Anushka Sharma Childhood Video: Actress Anushka Sharma is lost in her childhood memories these days. Recently Anushka reached Mhow in Indore and got lost in the memories of her old house, childhood streets and school. The actress has shared the video of childhood memories on Instagram.

Memories of school, home, friend, Anushka Sharma's childhood was spent here, shared video and showed everything

Mumbai: actress Anushka Sharma These days it is in Madhya Pradesh. Anushka and Virat Ujjain Of Mahakala After reaching, visited Bholenath and then to relive his childhood memories, he Indore K has reached Mhow. Anushka’s childhood has passed in the army campus here. When Anushka saw her old house, where she played and grew up, she was overjoyed. Anushka wanted to once again visit the streets where she had spent her childhood. Now Anushka has shared a special video reliving her childhood memories. Which everyone is liking.

This video of Anushka will touch your heart

In the video shared by Anushka Sharma on her Instagram, she is showing the streets of her childhood. Not only this, Anushka also showed the house where she spent her childhood. By sharing the video, Anushka Sharma has written, ‘Once again Mhow went to Madhya Pradesh. The place where I learned swimming for the first time as a child. Where my brother played a trick with me that I should buy a video game for my birthday, but he used to play it himself. The place where I rode a scooter with my father. The place that will always be in my heart. Everyone will get lost in their old memories after watching this video of Anushka Sharma.

Anushka showed her friend’s house

Standing in front of her house in the army campus, Anushka posed for photographs and relived her school memories. Anushka also showed the house of her childhood friend, with whom she used to play and study. This is the reason where Anushka Sharma used to weave golden dreams of her future.

Anushka’s father has been a colonel in the army

Anushka Sharma’s father Ajay Kumar Sharma was a colonel in the army. In such a situation, she has traveled to different cities of the country. Although Indore is closest to his heart. He spent his childhood here and it is not easy to forget childhood memories. Every childhood memory is very close to your heart.

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