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Meghan Markle’s neighbor took the ‘fortune’ to install a spy camera on her roof


Meghan Markle has been kept under the radar by the media due to her romantic association with Prince Harry.

Her celebrity status allowed the paparazzi not only to chase her, but also to pay her friends and family to pass on information about her.

Remembering one such incident, Harry reveals how his girlfriend’s neighbor was asked to spy on him.

Prince Harry reveals in his memoir ‘Spare’: ‘Meg was told by neighbors that they too had been harassed. Men had gone into the streets, asking questions, offering sums of money for any treats on Meg – or a pretty juicy lie. A neighbor reported being offered a fortune to mount live cameras on her roof aimed at Meg’s windows.”

Another neighbor actually accepted the offer, hooked a camera to his roof, and pointed it straight at Meg’s backyard. Again she contacted the police, who again did nothing. Ontario laws do not prohibit this, he was told. If the neighbor was not physically intrusive, he could hang the Hubble telescope on his house and point it in his garden, no problem.

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