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Meghan Markle wrote a book about Prince Harry, according to the “text messages” theory


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are considered untrustworthy by an expert.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and contributor Kat Timpf recently spoke about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and noted how the Royals cannot “trust” the duo.

Ms Timpf said: “Everyone has to be really careful and never hang out with them because this one is a tell-all which means they’ve said it all and now they’re going to have to say more.

“They’re going to need to find other people to get some dirt on, and then that’ll be in the next book.”

Mr Gutfeld added: ‘You can’t trust this pair!’

The group then alleged that Harry’s book was written by Meghan Markle instead.

“How can you not say he didn’t write that book?” She wrote this book!

“Which man recorded his girlfriend’s text messages? they noted.

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