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Meghan Markle ‘was going to have an accident’ as ‘five cars’ followed her to Canada


Meghan Markle was heavily harassed by the media during the early days of her relationship with Prine Harry.

During her break, the Duchess of Sussex was chased by five cars to her home in Canada.

Explaining the incident, Prince Harry wrote in his memoir ‘Spare’: “She noticed five cars following her. Then they started chasing her. Each car was driven by a sleazy looking man. Wolfish. C t was winter, in Canada, so the roads Plus, the way the cars circled around her, cutting her off, running red lights, stalking her, all the while trying to photograph her, she was sure she was going to have an accident.

Harry continues: “She told herself not to panic, not to drive erratically, not to give them what they wanted. Then she phoned me.”

Harry then recalls calling the police to protect his girlfriend, who was later told the behavior of the press could not be controlled.

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