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Meghan Markle was called ‘trash’ by the press for an unacceptable dress


Meghan Markle suffered because of the “super-narrative” developed about her by the media.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Prince Harry admits his wife was penalized by the press for her forward thinking and her American roots.

Specifying that someone in the Palace “had it” against his wife, Harry said: “In constructing this super-narrative, the press was clearly aided by someone or people inside the Palace. had for Meg. One day it was: Yuck—Meg’s bra strap was showing. (Classless Meghan.) The next day: Yuck—she’s wearing that dress? (Trashy Meghan.) The next day: God we protects, her fingernails are painted black! (Goth Meghan.)”

Harry continued: “The next day: My God, she still can’t curtsy properly. (American Meghan.) The next day: Crikey, she closed her own car door again! (Uppity Meghan.)”

Meghan and Harry finally left Britain in 2020, a year after the birth of their first child, Archie.

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