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Meghan Markle uses ‘exaggerated illustrators’ to ’emphasize her points’


Meghan Markle’s body language in the Netflix documentary series Harry and Meghan showed that the Duchess of Sussex is rubbing people the wrong way.

Taking to his YouTube channel behavioral artsSpidey said: “One of them is exaggerated facial expressions” before adding that there is a “deliberate change in cadence and tone”.

The expert noted that the Suits alum used “exaggerated illustrators” or “the gestures we make to emphasize our points.”

Spidey explained, “Adults don’t like to be spoken to like children are spoken to. And we know that, we study that. We stay away from that.

“And that distinction, that fact that we know that adults don’t like to be spoken to as children are spoken to, is why I think a lot of people – even if they don’t really know why – don’t like Meghan Markle,” he shared. “Because she talks like you would talk to children.”

She continued, “And she doesn’t just do it when she’s telling stories, she does it a lot when she’s talking. The facial expressions are overdone, the gestures are overdone. But then she might start whispering at some point. .

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