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Meghan Markle rejected Sophie Wessex’s ‘mentorship’: ‘She had Harry’


Meghan Markle didn’t want advice from Sophie Wessex when she joined the royal family.

The Duchess of Sussex didn’t want to learn the ropes of royal life from Prince Harry’s aunt and she made her decision very clear to Queen Elizabeth II.

Author Gyles Brandreth writes in his book: “The Queen (who, of course, had seen it all before) understood that Harry’s daughter might find adjusting to royal life ‘difficult to begin with’ (as she said). “It’s very hectic, but you get used to it quickly” – that had been Her Majesty’s experience for many years.

“To help Meghan, the Queen has suggested that her daughter-in-law, Sophie Wessex, would be an ideal mentor. ‘Sophie can help show you the ropes,'” the Queen said.

“Meghan made it clear that she didn’t feel she needed Sophie’s help. She had Harry.”

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