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Meghan Markle put on the ‘best kit’ to hide ‘dark’ suicidal thoughts for a royal event


Prince Harry admits Meghan Markle put on a good face after suffering an emotional breakdown at Nottingham Cottage.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals his wife pretended to be fine as she dealt with suicidal thoughts.

Harry writes: “We had a date with Sentebale that night at the Royal Albert Hall and I kept thinking to myself: we can’t be late. We can’t be late. They We’ll be flayed alive! And they’ll blame her. Slowly – too slowly – I realized that the delay was the least of our problems. I said she had to skip the engagement, of course. I had to go, make a quick onset, but I’ll be home soon.

Harry continued: “No, she insisted, she didn’t trust herself to be home alone even for an hour with such dark feelings. So we put on our best kit and she applied lipstick dark and dark to distract from her bloodshot eyes, and out the door we walked out.”

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