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Meghan Markle knows ‘drastic changes need to be made’ with Prince Harry


Prince Harry has just been warned of the “drastic measures” that must be applied if Meghan Markle wants to “stand on an equal footing” with the rest of Hollywood.

Royal commentator and author Daniela Elser made the confession in an article for the Herald of New Zealand.

She began by warning, “The couple’s current strategy of monetizing their endless discontent is cratered and fast-paced.”

“If the couple wants to not only maintain their current level of income, but even vaguely approach the kind of dosh of their new friends, something drastic will have to be done to revamp and remake their image and career.”

Midway through the article, the author also referenced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to hire a Hollywood financial whiz and wondered how “one single venture capitalist, Hollywood trader or a Silicon Valley supremo would be ready to go to bed, in business, with two public figures who are hated by a bunch of Americans.

Before concluding, she also added: “If the Duchess is the savvy type, she would understand that at this time a drastic change in direction is needed.”

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