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Meghan Markle knew ‘her father’s pride was hurt’ with ‘hanging belly’ headline


Meghan Markle did her best to appease her father as the press decided to run damaging stories against him.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, Prince Harry reveals his then-girlfriend was ‘constantly’ worried about his father.

Harry writes: “Meg must have spent months trying to appease her father. There was always something new he read about himself, something derogatory that he took to heart. His pride was constantly injured. Every day there was another humiliating picture in the newspapers. Thomas Markle buying a new toilet. Thomas Markle buying a six-pack. Thomas Markle with his belly hanging from his belt.

Harry and Meghan sympathized with Thomas, they admitted.

“We understood. Meg told him that we knew how he felt. The press, the paps, they were awful. Impossible to totally ignore what is written, she admitted. But if you please, try to ignore them in person. Ignore anyone who approaches, dad. Beware of anyone claiming to be your best friend. He seemed to be listening. He started to sound like he was in a better place, mentally. “said Harry.

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