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Meghan Markle has warned of ‘public sentiment’ as he plans to relaunch her blog

Meghan Markle has warned of ‘public sentiment’ as he plans to relaunch her blog

Meghan Markle is apparently planning to relaunch her lifestyle blog, The Tiger.

Her revamped blog is set to focus on “food, travel, fashion, arts, design, mindful living and wellness.”

However, amid plans for the Duchess of Sussex to launch her blog, a PR expert warns Markle should be aware of public sentiment.

Former journalist and PR expert Jordan James is the founder of Unlockd PR which has worked with over 3,000 brands in the UK and US, including Britney Spears.

He said Express.co.uk that the “biggest hurdle he sees Markle facing” is trying to separate perceptions towards The Tiger of the perception of her, Prince Harry, and the ensuing royal family drama that makes headlines with every TV appearance, project or book, whether she likes it or not.

He added: “With the court of public opinion swinging back and forth to the Sussexes, The Tiger could easily spark more tension, but it could also help improve his public image.

The branding expert claimed it could be a ‘perfect’ time for the Duchess to relaunch her platform, a project a former friend told Express the royal ‘loved’ but the venture may not be without its problems ‘given recent controversies’.

He said the blog’s return would be ideal with its “original mission to ‘share stories and celebrate life,'” but there are some challenges.

He surmised: “Before doing anything, Meghan will need to consider the public sentiment towards her, considering both those who enjoyed reading about her experiences on The Tiger before its hiatus in 2017, as well as those who might start reading The Tiger because of his new level of fame and notoriety.

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