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Meghan Markle “desperate” to have a place in the woke movement: “Oprah knows it”


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just been ridiculed for overestimating their ability to retain influence in America and Oprah’s attempt to ‘bet’ it all.

These confessions and accusations were brought to light by royal commentator and expert Dan Wootton.

His accusations were revealed by the Daily mail.

He began by saying, “Meghan clings to every word spoken by Gayle and Oprah in particular, whom she considers the queens of America’s celebrity wake-up movement, of which she is so desperate to be a part.”

Thus, “The message to Meghan from her pair of fake friends came through loud and clear: we need you to be at the coronation so that we maintain our own influence as your powerful friends in the American media.”

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