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Meghan Markle ‘demasculinized’ Prince Harry: ‘losing respect’


Meghan Markle made Prince Harry lose respect in front of a lot of people.

Influencer Andrew Tate told Dan Wootton the Duke of Sussex is becoming very unpopular with people.

He began: “Harry, in many ways he ended up becoming a beacon as a victim of demasculanisation.”

They added: “To a certain extent, certainly. He has certainly lost a lot of respect from people and fans of the royal family.”

The source then added that Harry had lost respect for him because of “the way Meghan talks about the royal family as a whole”.

He pointed out: ‘There’s definitely an element of people waiting for him to stand up and say ‘Look, it’s the royal family, you can’t talk that way’ or ‘you’ve decided to be with it. me, there were certain things you were expected to do’, but he just allows her to demasculinize him in public and everyone feels uncomfortable.”

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