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Meghan Markle ‘collapsed’ on front door after police refused to help in Canada


Meghan Markle was fired empty-handed by police after filing a media harassment complaint.

While in Canada, the actress was chased by paparazzi until tears started to flow from her eyes.

Meghan then phones Prince Harry, he says, revealing his conversation with the ‘Suits’ star in his memoir ‘Spare’

He writes: “I was in London, in my own car, my bodyguard behind the wheel, and her tearful voice took me back to my childhood. Back to Balmoral. She didn’t survive, darling. I begged Meg to stay calm, keep your eyes on the road.”

He continues: “My training as an air traffic controller took over. I spoke to her at the nearest police station. As she got out of the car, I could hear paps following her to the door in the background. Come on, Meghan, give us a smile! Click, click, click.”

“She told the police what was going on, begged them to help her. They had sympathy, or said they had, but she was a public figure, so they insisted on the there was nothing to do. again, and I guided her to her house, through the front door, where she collapsed,” Harry reveals.

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