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Meghan Markle called herself ‘lucky’ after quitting playing for Prince Harry


Meghan Markle didn’t feel like sacrificing herself when she decided to “give up her career for Prince Harry.”

Speaking to the BBC during her engagement interview in 2017, the Duchess of Sussex gushed about joining the Royal Family.

Meghan said: ‘I don’t see it as giving up on anything, I just see it as a change’ and Harry added ‘it’s a new challenge’.

She continued, “It’s a new chapter. Alright. And also keep in mind that I’ve been working on my show for seven years.

“So we’re very, very lucky to be able to have that kind of longevity on a show and for me, once we hit the 100 episode marker, I thought you know what I got, I ticked that off. box and I’m really proud of the work I did there and now it’s time, as you said, to work as a team with you,” he added.

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