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Meghan Markle called a “failing feminist” since “no one will be fooled”


Meghan Markle is currently being harassed for her inability to cement herself as a “feminist” and to “appear positively” in the eyes of women.

Royal expert Jack Royston made the admission, while criticizing the Duchess of Sussex for her “failure”.

Mr. Royston began by saying, “Where does this get them? It seems like this trend exists across all age groups, including their core support of 18-24, which is where a lot of their content has been aimed. It also exists across gender lines.

According to Express UK, “It has been mocked by a wide variety of people, including Jimmy Kimmel on several occasions, Jimmy Fallon and others as well, including at the Critics’ Choice Awards live on stage, and the end result appears to be that maybe some of those people who were hesitant before and didn’t know if their support was starting to fluctuate, turned against it”

“Harry and, it seems, Meghan too. Meghan, obviously, her Archetypes podcast had a very strong feminist message.

“She has really presented herself for many years as an activist and a feminist activist, but she is no more likely to be viewed positively by women than by men.”

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