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Meghan Markle biography will sell like hotcakes, expert says


A biography of Meghan Markle could be a bigger editorial hit than Prince Harry’s book, says literary agent Peter Cox of Litopia.

Speaking to the UK’s Daily Express, he said: “Not necessarily in the UK because the public don’t like it here. But in America it will sell like hot cakes, provided it find a ghostwriter as good as Harry’s.”

“Because her story is a classic fairy tale and Americans love fairy tales,” the expert said.

Explaining why Meghan’s book could be a huge publishing success, he said: “From humble beginnings and a broken home, Meghan has risen to find true love with – literally – the prince of her dreams. is pure Disney.”

The expert added: “But then she doesn’t just meet a mean stepmother – the whole family hates her! The power of the British establishment is determined to keep them apart. But…the true love trumps all!”

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