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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may decline Met Gala invite amid royal family drama

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may decline Met Gala invite amid royal family drama

Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry could get an invite to this year’s Met Gala, but chances are the duo won’t be attending the event.

Talk to The ExpressPR expert Jordan James said it would come as no surprise to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex if they were snubbed from the event given their ongoing feud with the Royal Family.

However, if the duo receive the invitation for “Hollywood’s most prestigious red carpet event”, they will most likely turn it down as it is scheduled just five days before King Charles’ coronation.

“It certainly wouldn’t come as a big surprise if they were snubbed given their current status within the Royal Family and the drama that ensues,” the expert said.

Jordon said if the California-based couple were successful in securing an invite to the annual fundraising gala, it could “boost their public perception in America.”

‘They are unlikely to attend as they will no doubt be subject to intense scrutiny no matter how hard they try to minimize the fallout – especially with the proximity of this event to the royal coronation’ , he added.

The expert went on to discuss the couple’s absence from this year’s Oscars, saying there seems to have been a “change” in the way they present themselves.

“While the couple aren’t always known for keeping a low profile, I think we’re starting to see a shift in how they want to be portrayed – if it’s really by choice, although we’ll never know,” he shared.

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