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Meghan and Harry would look like reality TV stars if they continued to target the Royal Family, expert says


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made serious allegations against the Royal Family in recent months during their media appearances.

The couple opened up about their marriage and their relationships with other royals in their explosive Netflix documentary. A few days after the documentary’s release, Harry released his tell-all memoir “Spare” which contained more attacks on his family.

Reputation management expert Edward Coram-James has advised Meghan and Prince Harry against continuing to criticize the Royal Family.

He said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stood to lose both professionally and personally if they continued to talk about their UK-based loved ones as they have in recent months.

The pundit said their merit in airing more grievances and exposing more royal secrets, the commentator said, is that the Sussexes are likened to “reality TV personalities”.

The pair, he suggested, should instead keep “a low profile” for now and work on making a name for themselves as content producers.

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