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Me and sisters do not know Urdu! I am a Muslim, that’s why I was arrested – Sheezan


A court hearing was held on Monday in the Tunisha Sharma suicide case, in which the custody of Sheejan Khan has been extended till January 11. It is believed that romance was going on between Tunisha Sharma and Sheejan. But Sheejan cheated Tunisha after which the actress committed suicide.

Me and sisters do not know Urdu!  I am a Muslim, that's why I was arrested - Sheezan

Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case Sheezan Khan’s difficulties in Tunisha Sharma suicide case are not taking the name of abatement. The actor was already in jail and now his custody has been extended till January 11. The Vasai court has decided to extend Sheejan’s custody till January 11. Further hearing of the case will be held on 11. Today, there was a hearing in the court regarding this matter in which the lawyer presented Sheejan’s side.

During the hearing, Sheejan told in the court today that she and her sisters do not know Urdu. He was arrested because of his religion. Please tell that Tunisha’s mother is constantly making allegations about Sheejan and she believes that Sheejan has a big hand in the suicide of the actress. On the other hand, on behalf of Tunisha’s lawyer Tarun Sharma, it was said that he has asked for a second date in the case. During the hearing on January 11 also, the side of Tunisha’s family will be presented in the court.

Let us tell you that allegations and counter-allegations are being made in the case from both the families. First Tunisha’s mother accused Sheejan. After this Shijan’s mother retaliated and surrounded Tunisha’s mother. He said that Tunisha’s mother exercised a lot of control over her. She used to take all their money and sometimes Tunisha did not even have money. Now Tunisha’s mother has denied these allegations made by Sheejan’s mother.

On the matter, Tunisha’s mother Vanita said- “As it has been said by Sheejan’s mother that I did not give money to Tunisha, then this thing is completely false. I had given three lakh rupees to Tunisha in 3 months and if you do not believe then my bank statement can also be checked. Please tell that Tunisha committed suicide at a very young age by hanging herself in the make-up room on the sets of Alibaba Dastan-e-Kabul. Since then, this matter has remained in the headlines. Now it will be a matter to be seen what updates come out in the case on 11th.

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