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Marriage with Helen was an emotional accident, reveals Salim Khan on Arbaaz’s show


Arbaaz Khan New Chat Show Invincibles: His father Salim Khan reached Arbaaz Khan’s show ‘The Invincible’, where he revealed many things related to his life. Salim Khan told that marrying Helen was an emotional accident.

Marriage with Helen was an emotional accident, reveals Salim Khan on Arbaaz's show

Saleem Khan And Helen Love Story: Famous writer of Bollywood Salman Khan father of Salim Khan For the first time, he spoke openly about his and Helen’s marriage. After all, why did Salim Khan, the father of 4 children, marry Helen? What were the things that brought him closer to Helen? Arbaaz Khan Salami Khan revealed in the chat show ‘The Invincible’. Salim Khan has written many superhit films in collaboration with Javed Akhtar in his career. Salim Khan has also been in a lot of discussions because of his personal life. After marrying Salma in the year 1981, Salim Khan surprised everyone by marrying Helen.

In fact, for the first time after so many years of marriage, Salim Khan has spoken openly about his second marriage. Salim Khan revealed on his son Arbaaz Khan’s show, why did he marry Helen? Salim Khan also expressed his opinion on many other subjects. The promo of Arbaaz’s show ‘The Invincible with Arbaaz Khan’ has hit the social media. In which Arbaaz is seen talking to his father in many small clips.

In the video, Arbaaz asks his father Salim Khan questions about his marriage to Helen. Responding to which Salim Khan says, ‘She was young at that time, I was too. I had no such intention. I did this just to help them. It was an emotional accident which can happen to anyone. At the same time, Salim Khan also talked about his marriage with his first wife Salma and Arbaaz Khan’s mother. Salim Khan told that they used to meet secretly. After which he talked to Salma’s family members. Salim Khan also talked about Javed Akhtar. Let us tell you that Javed Salim’s pair has given many superhit films in the 70-80s.

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