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Margot Robbie reveals she loves going back to Australia for THIS reason

Margot Robbie reveals she loves going back to Australia for THIS reason

Margot Robbie recently explained why she enjoys returning to Australia while promoting her next film Babylonwhich also includes Brad Pitt and Diego Calva.

Speaking on Channel Nine Today show, Margot shared that Australians “pronounce her name correctly, which Americans rarely do.”

“It’s nice to be home and see the reaction,” the 32-year-old remarked.

The don’t worry darling The star mentioned: “You know, you have the premiere and people are screaming your name. I also love hearing my name in an Aussie accent because in America everyone hits the R. They have ‘Marr-go ‘ and not ‘Ma-go’.

“It’s so special to be home and I always care more about Australian things and what my friends and family are doing and I love talking about Australia all the time to everyone I work with “, explained the actress.

Margot continued: “So it’s really nice to bring someone who’s never been to Australia before like co-star Diego here and experience all the things like Burger Rings.”

“Food is always the priority when someone wants to get a sense of Australia,” reveals Margot.

When the actress was asked if she knew how “Australia is proud of her”, Margot replied: “Yes, yes”.

“Getting out of the car at the Babylon premiere, there were so many people on the street. Then every time I talk to everyone, we’re really proud,” Margot said.

She remarked, “Even if it’s people you don’t know when they say you’re really proud.”

“It’s just one big family. I feel it and appreciate it so much,” the actress added.

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