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Madonna splits from Andrew Darnell amid singer’s ‘crisis of confidence’

Madonna splits from Andrew Darnell amid singer’s ‘crisis of confidence’

Madonna and her lover Andrew Darner, who is 41 years younger than her, have called it quits amid the singer’s “crisis of confidence”.

The pair dated for around five months before they split because the model found someone closer to her age, according to reports.

Even if the materialistic girl The hitmaker’s romance with Andrew was “casual” and she isn’t “heartbroken” about it, it comes at a bad time.

The Queen of Pop is suffering a ‘crisis of confidence’ over her split from Andrew after facing ‘ageist and misogynistic’ criticism over her look at the 2023 Grammys.

Discussing the breakup, an insider said page 6, “It was just a very casual thing [with Darnell] so she’s not heartbroken. It just happened at the wrong time. »

“She has a little crisis of confidence and it doesn’t help. She had a lot of fun with Andrew but it was never love or anything like that,” the insider added.

Previously, when talking about the huge age gap between Madonna and Andrew, an insider said Hollywood life“Madonna is dating Andrew Darnell and although some of his friends think the fact that he is 23 is a bit strange, Madonna doesn’t seem to care at all.”

“She never really let age affect her decision on who to date and who not to date and it’s not like Madonna was going to settle down, nor did she want to,” the woman added. source.

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