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‘Luther’ Creator Opens Up About Netflix Film’s Ending

‘Luther’ Creator Opens Up About Netflix Film’s Ending

Luther Creator and writer Neil Cross spoke about the detective show and the differences between the films.

“He’s going to jail for a whole bunch of stuff he’s done. But Robey is still the mechanism behind which a lot of these things get released,” he said. Radio Times.

“There’s a great gag we gave Patrick Malahide about ‘having a picture in the Cloud, whatever.’ So we can assume that Robey drew this photograph of a corpse, right? So continuity and tradition, so to speak, are still entirely logical and dramatically consistent,” the writer added.

The 54-year-old continued, “But the needle that we had to thread, and it’s a unique needle, is that we had two audiences to speak to. Audience number one is the fans who know Luther and what he did and why. But there’s a second audience, which is people who come into the world entirely ignorant. And we had to construct the story in such a way that it was also satisfying for both audiences.

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