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Leslie Grace shares her ‘Batgirl’ look after the film’s cancellation

Leslie Grace shares her ‘Batgirl’ look after the film’s cancellation

Leslie Grace took to Instagram to share her Batgirl look she would have featured in the movie bat girl but that was canceled unexpectedly, as reported Midday.

Leslie shared some behind-the-scenes photos and clips from the set of bat girl on Instagram which also revealed her look that she was supposed to sport in the film. She shared the year she had in the caption of her post.

She wrote, “Thank you for teaching me, 2022. You were unique in so many ways that will stay with me. My gratitude and love for life runs much deeper through the experiences you brought to me. I take your lessons with me while we’re gone.”

bat girl was due out in 2023 on HBO Max in which Leslie Grace would have played the lead role. The film was to be produced by Warner Bros. and DC Films. Although the exact reason for the shelving of the film has not been revealed, it has been reported that the film does not fit with the new strategy being implemented by DC Films as well as HBO Max.

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