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Leonardo DiCaprio fails to make Gigi Hadid jealous with Victoria Lamas exit

Gigi Hadid doesn’t care if Leonardo DiCaprio dates other women

Leonardo DiCaprio has failed to return the rumor that flame Gigi Hadid is jealous of Victoria Lamas’ exit because she doesn’t care if he is dating multiple women.

The supermodel believes that she is not engaged in the Titanic star and so she has no opinion when it comes to Hollywood hunk who is dating other girls.

“Leo is single,” an insider close to DiCaprio told Hollywood life. “Nothing has changed with Gigi. They see each other casually but there is nothing serious between them.

Another source close to Hadid revealed that she “knows that Leo and Victoria went out with a group of friends, which of course is fine with her.”

“While this isn’t a romantic outing, Gigi doesn’t have an opinion one way or the other, even if Leo decides he wants to date other people,” the insider shared.

“She and Leo never had a serious relationship initially, and they had no commitment to each other,” the outlet revealed.

The source added that Gigi wants to see what the future holds as she enjoys a casual romance with DiCaprio.

“Gigi thinks Leo is a great guy and she’s enjoying the casual relationship they have right now,” the insider said.

“She doesn’t know if it will turn into something more serious down the road, but even if it doesn’t, she would like to maintain a friendship with him.”

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