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Kristin Chenoweth Recounts The Good Wife Accident: ‘Almost Killed Me’

Kristin Chenoweth Recounts The Good Wife Accident: ‘Almost Killed Me’

Kristin Chenoweth recently confessed that she regretted not suing the CBS network after suffering serious injuries on The good wife Position.

During the last of Watch What Happens Live with Andy CohenKristin talked about her new book I am not a philosopher, but I have thoughts, released on January 17.

In the book, the Wicked star revealed she was “involved in an accident that nearly killed her.”

Andy asked, “Have you heard of anyone at CBS since you shared this in the book?” adding that he is ‘amazed you haven’t tried to get money from them’.

To that, Kristin replied, “I didn’t do it out of fear and anxiety. So never let fear rule your life.

When the host asked, “Does she regret it?”

The Broadway star nodded, saying, “I’ve got some long-standing wounds from this.”

“I wish I’d listened to my dad, who said, ‘You’re going to want to do this.’ And we’re not the family suing, but when you’re practically killed…” Kristin recalled.

Sharing details of the lighting equipment accident, Kristin mentioned, “We were outside, around the corner, by the water in a 7-Eleven, because I was going to have a slurpy that day and I heard, like, a flagpole sound. I literally heard, “We are losing the light. I heard “Action”. And I woke up in Bellevue Hospital.

“The lighting equipment hit me in the face and threw me against a curb. Seven inch skull fracture, fractured hairline and teeth and ribs,” she recounted.

Kristin recalled the exact words of her doctor, who told her at the time, “your hair extension may have saved your life by cohabiting the hairline fracture.”

She quipped, “So anyone who wants to get hair extensions should, for your health.”

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