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King’s coronation will be Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s ‘last chance to visit’


The invitation to the King Charles coronation for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be the couple’s “last opportunity” to visit Frogmore.

TVC Royal commentator Richard Berthelsen sat down to discuss recent news of the invitation sent to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, via Daily Express UK.

After confirming the news of the invite, Meghan and Harry’s rep added that the couple would not immediately disclose whether or not they will be attending the event.

“With Harry and Meghan due to leave Frogmore House, this may be their last opportunity to visit this property, to stay there, or they may be invited to stay at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle, where space there is no shortage for them,” he explained.

“There are a lot of issues that I think they have to decide on based on their public image and whatever happens if it’s to their benefit,” he added. “The Royal Family have invited them, they will be welcome.”

Ahead of their invitation to the upcoming ceremony at Westminster Abbey in May, the US-based royals were evicted from their Windsor home, which was given to them as a wedding gift by late Queen Elizabeth.

The property is owned by the Crown Estate but was renovated by Harry and Meghan at a cost of £2.4million in 2018.

Additionally, Prince Andrew would now be invited to move into Frogmore Cottage from his Berkshire estate: Royal Lodge.

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