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King Charles was ‘stunned’ after the Queen phoned Meghan Markle


King Charles III was surprised to see Meghan Markle called by Queen Elizabeth II, says Prince Harry.

During a private tea session with the former Prince of Wales, Her Majesty phoned Meghan Markle about her controversial father.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals: “We all looked stunned. Meg shyly grabbed the phone. It looked like Granny was calling to talk about Meg’s father. She was responding to a letter Meg had given her. written, asking for advice and help. Meg said she didn’t know how to get the press to stop interviewing her, prompting her to say horrible things. Grandma now suggested Meg to forget the press, to go see his father, to try to make him understand.

He added: “Meg explained that he lived in a Mexican border town and she didn’t know how she would go through the airport, through the press surrounding her house, then through this part of town, and back, quietly, without incident. Granny recognized the many problems with this plan. In that case, perhaps write her a letter? Dad agreed. Splendid idea.

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