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King Charles takes major step to improve image of Royal Family amid relentless attacks from Prince Harry


King Charles has announced that profits from the Crown Estate of offshore wind projects should go to the Treasury instead of the Royal Household.

The announcement came days after his son Prince Harry published a controversial book targeting the British royal family.

According to British media, the king’s decision will lead to a reduction in the benefits of the Crown Estate, where members of the royal family get their reduction of around 25% for the financing of their offices and their work.

The Royal Household will still receive the same amount of funding, but nothing more for profits made by offshore wind farms.

Profits from the Crown Estate are passed on to the Treasury which returns a percentage to the Royal Household as a Sovereign Grant.

Anti-monarchists have long called for the abolition of the British monarchy while highlighting the lifestyles of members of the royal family and the budget necessary to operate the institution.

It is unclear whether the King has made the decision to improve the Royal Family’s image which has been tarnished by Prince Harry’s Netflix documentary and his book ‘Spare’.

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