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King Charles’ ‘shocking’ support for Prince Andrew spells ‘disaster’: ‘Bloody stupid’


King Charles is warned of the consequences as he remains silent on Prince Andrew’s latest decision.

The Duke of York, who has decided to reopen his civil sexual abuse trial against Virginia Giuffre, is bound to stir up trouble in the royal family.

Daniela Elser writes for news.com.au: “King Charles would seem fine with his brother re-opening this hornet’s nest in what is arguably the most serious crisis to hit the royal family in decades. .

“However, it’s Charles’ part of it all that is the most surprising and dare I say it, damn stupid. The King made a number of surprisingly benevolent gestures towards his brother.

“[He] is believed to be considering allowing him to use his HRH title in correspondence, which would be a huge boost for the Duke; restore status and credibility.

“Not only that, the pair have been ‘talking’ for the past few weeks and Charles has given Andrew the green light to ‘pursue business interests, which would serve the dual purpose of keeping him busy and allowing him to earn money. the money”.

“So just to sum up – all the signs [are] highlighting not only that Andrew is preparing to stage a real comeback push, but that Charles is showing a truly shocking degree of leniency towards the almost universally despised Duke.

“What’s clear as a great Balmoral day is that it’s all just a disaster in a 48-point font for Charles,” she noted.

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