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King Charles’ ‘secret son’ has ‘six million dollar’ desire to be prince: stepsister


King Charles’ ‘secret son’ is forging his identity, says his sister-in-law.

Simon Dorante-Day’s adoptive sister, Amanda, tells the public the 56-year-old is lying about being the biological son of Camilla and Her Majesty.

She added: “In my opinion, his main motivation is money, but it is also associated with the desire to be recognized as someone important.

“I don’t want to say that money is his motivation, people can make up their own mind about that.

“But as an adoptee, I think he has an image of who and where he would like to come from – or his future birth family – and we’ve never adapted that.

“My six million dollar question is why Charles and Camilla?”

Simon was adopted by a couple named Karen and David Day when he was eight months old.

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