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King Charles’ reaction to Meghan Markle’s pregnancy revealed by Harry


King Charles III was delighted to know that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were expecting their first bbay.

Already a grandfather of three children, Her Majesty learned of the arrival of her fourth grandchild at the end of 2018.

Prince Harry reveals his father heard the big news of Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

He writes: “In Windsor, just before an aperitif for the bride and groom, we cornered Dad in his office. He sat behind his large desk, which offered his favorite view D, directly on the Long Walk. All the windows were open, to cool the room, and a breeze was blowing his papers, which were all stacked in squat little towers, each crowned with a paperweight.

Harry admits: “He was delighted to learn that he was going to be a grandfather for the fourth time; his broad smile warmed me.

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