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King Charles ‘outraged’ by Prince Harry’s attacks on Queen Camilla


King Charles is said to be ‘distraught and outraged’ by his son Prince Harry’s attacks on his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, in his explosive memoir Spare.

The Duke of Sussex made numerous inflammatory claims against members of the Royal Family in his book, including calling Camilla dangerous, and while the Royal Family chooses to remain silent, royal insiders have revealed how they feel .

Talk to American weekly, a royal source said: “King Charles is distraught. He’s angry and outraged that Harry has aired so many embarrassing and damaging claims, and that puts him in a terrible position with Camilla of course now that she’s been dragged into the equation.

“It’s really outdated in more ways than one, but there are so many egregious comments and revelations from Harry that his dad doesn’t know where to start,” the insider continued.

They also added: “He is hopeful that in time the dust will settle and Harry will soften his heart towards his family, or so he hopes. But he’s not going to push or apologize.

It is pertinent to note that in his memoirs Spare, Prince Harry has revealed that he and Prince William actively tried to prevent King Charles from marrying Camilla in 2005, years after the death of their mother and his first wife, Princess Diana.

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