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King Charles III prepares to ‘break centuries-old tradition’ at his coronation


King Charles III has all eyes on him with his upcoming coronation as the new monarch apparently aims to modernize the historic ceremony.

The 74-year-old monarch is said to wear the uniform of Admiral of the Fleet ditching the silk stockings as they ‘look too old-fashioned’.

According to The sun, Charles aims to make his coronation a reflection of a “21st century modern monarchy”.

King Charles would have been ‘happy’ to wear the same outfit as his grandfather on the auspicious occasion, but senior aides have revealed he ‘shouldn’t wear them’.

“Although some of the longer elements of the coronation will be discarded or modernized, the king was happy to wear the breeches and stockings,” the insider explained.

“But in a discussion with senior aides, they say he shouldn’t wear them, so he will arrive in military uniform instead.

“A lot of it has to do with the modernization of the crowning and the removal of the choke,” the source added. “They think the arrival of a 74-year-old king in bottoms and breeches in 2023 seems too dated. They are probably right.

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