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King Charles III could ask Rishi Sunak to decide whether Prince Harry will be invited to the coronation


King Charles III has been advised to use the ‘Churchill precedent’ to let Rishi Sunak decide whether Prince Harry should be invited to the upcoming coronation.

The new monarch questioned whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be invited to the ceremony as Prince Harry launched fresh attacks on the Royal Family in his book Spare.

An insider said Daily mail“Le Sacre is a state event and financed by the state. So, in the same way Winston Churchill advised the Duke of Windsor to stay away [from Elizabeth II’s Coronation]the decision whether or not to invite Harry, who has no official royal role and no state duties at the ceremony, will rest with the government rather than his father.

Meanwhile, the outlet reported on Saturday that Whitehall insiders said they were unaware of Harry’s presence.

“Traditionally, the royal household provides us with the number of royal guests, without giving their identity, and we build the arrangements based on that,” an insider told the outlet.

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