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King Charles III ‘absolutely livid’ after Prince Harry’s book

King Charles III ‘absolutely livid’ after Prince Harry’s book

King Charles III will not reconcile with Prince Harry after the Duke of Sussex’s scathing attacks on the Royal Family in his explosive memoir Spare.

There has been huge speculation over whether the new monarch will invite his son and Meghan Markle to his upcoming coronation.

Piers Morgan said he had “impeccable sources” who believed Charles had not contacted his son and had no plans to do so.

He said the king is “absolutely livid” since his son called him and the royal family in the book.

He “had no contact” with anyone in Montecito, Piers shared.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan have received an apology from Jeremy Clarkson for writing an article and spreading “hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories” against the Sussexes.

Nigel Farage said UK News: “To apologize like he did was wrong. I mean you can say ‘look if what I wrote upset you, I’m sorry, but I wrote it because I believed it at the time or I was kind of making an analogy with Game Of Thrones’.

“And you can say from your fingernails to the follicles on your head, you apologize with all your being and all your soul, but you can’t appease bullies.”

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