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King Charles’ divorce from Diana to obstruct his coronation?

King Charles’ divorce from the late Princess Diana could pose a constitutional crisis at his coronation

King Charles’ divorce from his late first wife, Princess Diana, could pose a constitutional crisis at the time of his coronation later this year in May, a royal insider has claimed.

The former Prince of Wales will be crowned in a ‘reduced’ coronation ceremony on Saturday May 6, where he will also take an oath to uphold the law and the Church of England before being anointed king with silver. holy oil.

However, royal biographer Anthony Holden has suggested King Charles’ coronation oath may need to be changed given that he divorced his first wife, Princess Diana, and later married the current queen consort Camilla in 2005.

Write to The Guardian, Holden recounted how a former Archbishop of Canterbury once told him that for a divorced man to be crowned king, “a revision of the coronation oath and a new statute of parliament would be required”. ‘

“Given the convention that Parliament does not debate the monarchy without the consent of the monarch – it is his government, after all, not ours – that would require the Prime Minister at the time to seek permission from the King Charles III to debate whether or not he felt able to crown him,” Holden shared.

He then said: “This, Runcie (former Archbishop of Canterbury) told me, would amount to a constitutional crisis.”

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