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King Charles described Harry as a ‘work’ before leaving with girlfriend Camilla


Prince Harry recalls the moment he heard the infamous story of King Charles’ reaction to his birth.

Supposedly a Spare, Harry was the second son of Princess Diana and the former Prince of Wales. The Duke of Sussex was born when the King was still heavily involved in his romance with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Harry writes in his memoirs: “I was twenty when I first heard the story of what dad said to mum the day I was born: Wonderful! Now you have given me an Heir and a Reserve, my job is done. A joke. Most likely. “

“On the other hand, within minutes of delivering this piece of high comedy, Dad would have left to meet his girlfriend. So. Lots of real words spoken in jest. I didn’t get offended. I didn’t feel anything at all. “Nothing like that. Succession was like the weather, or the positions of the planets, or the changing of the seasons. Who had time to worry about such immutable things? Harry notes as he recalls the day.

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